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a ponyful weekend! [Jan. 28th, 2006|12:40 pm]
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[mood |energeticenergetic]
[music |sponge - plowed]

Ah finally...I get a weekend all to myself. ^_^ So, that means I have time for PONIES!

Mystic Floral is looking great! She's almost done...just have to touch up her symbols, print a box for her, and snap her pictures.
Snowed In's eyes are painted. I still need to finish painting her symbol & hoof mark, dye her hair, print a box, and take her pictures.
The other pony is my own project...her base is Peri Winkle, the jewel pony. I'm going to use her for a gradient tutorial and also to test the new "authentic" MLP hair sample. I haven't finished designing her, but I think she's going to have dark green colorpoints covered with silver lace patterns. She's also going to have special translucent wings. ^_^
The Borg Pony has already been sold. I have to print a box for her and she will be going to her new home sometime next week. We're going to miss her! ^_^

Also finished making a replacement Tic Tac Toe tail. It's made from real MLP hair; mostly 1st gen with one color in 3rd gen hair. It looks to be the same length as the original tail. I think it turned out very nicely!
Mmmmmmm...I almost forgot, I also need to run some gradient dyeing experiments for yodallama.
My Mum is coming to visit me next weekend, so I hope to have everything finished and shipped before she gets here. ^_^

From: minchkin
2006-01-28 11:31 pm (UTC)
They all look great, especially Mystic Floral ^_^
And you're finally going to share your wisdom of gradient colouring *dances*. I've been wanting to know about it since the winner of the custom contest last year.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-01-29 06:32 am (UTC)


Wow, can't believe you're giving away the secret to gradient dying, I'm so very curious...
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From: babymerilnina
2006-01-30 06:37 am (UTC)


thank u so much u are doing a touroirial on dyeing ooh so happpy .my page has been hacked now i cant up grade oh well i spend more time oon your site anyway. i hope u get the ponies fished.
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[User Picture]From: sailorangei
2006-01-30 04:35 pm (UTC)
Oh, wow! Which is my tail, the one on the ground or the one in her bum? ~_^
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