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hair today [Sep. 17th, 2006|09:16 am]
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[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |panic! at the disco - london beckoned songs about money...]

Some exciting news: my Borg ponies were featured in an Australian Webzine for nerds!
Download the first issue to read the article. ^_^

Also got a large shipment of nylon hair & a sample from a new supplier. Click the LJ cut to read all about it. (lots of pics too)

I finally got a large box of hair from Dollyhair.com - since I ordered some hair that wasn't in stock yet, it took a while to get here. But it was well worth the wait! Above are the different drool-worthy colors I currently have. ^_^

The other known supplier of nylon hair is Custompony.com - she sent me a sample skein in the "Love Kisses" color, which corresponds to G1 Heart Throb, Birthflowers, SS Truly, etc. As you can see, the hair is SUPER long, measuring about 40" and secured at one end by a weft. Since it is so long, it can get tangled easily. You might want to cut it in half to make it more manageable, if you're not going for incredibly long hair, LOL! ^__^

Above is a close-up pic of the weft. It appears that the hair was crimped about 1" from the end. I'd probably cut it off before I used the hair, but it might be possible to unravel it.

Pic above shows Dollyhair's "Heartthrob" color and Custompony's "Love Kisses" color with G1 UK Love Letter and G3 Rarity.

If you're a customizer, you're probably wondering "Is there a difference between the hair from Dollyhair and Custompony?" The answer is yes, but it is slight. It's not enough to say I'd use one hair source over the other.

Obvious differences: the hair is different lengths, one has a weft.

Subtle differences:
1. Hair weight
Custompony hair seems to be heavier. A skein weighs about 0.5 ounces compared to 0.2 ounces from Dollyhair. Does this mean you get more hair by buying from Custompony? It's hard to say since I haven't re-rooted a pony with the skein yet. The actual amount of the hair looks comparable to a Dollyhair skein, so at this point I think it's just denser.
Would you notice a difference in the weight of the pony after it's re-rooted? No, since we're talking about very small weights here - just fractions of an ounce!

2. Shininess/Brilliance
Custompony hair isn't as shiny (doesn't reflect as much light), but this could be due to the color of my sample. There are some colors of Dollyhair that are less shiny and they even differentiate between "Brilliant" and "non-Brilliant" versions of the same color. The Custompony hair looks more like original G1 hair, whereas some G3 hair is so glossy that it looks wet.

3. Texture
Custompony hair seems just a tiny bit stiffer than Dollyhair's hair. It loosens up a little after washing & conditioning. I don't think this will result in a noticeable difference after re-rooting, it still styles & curls easily. In fact, it might actually hold curls better. Once again, it's similar to G1 hair in this respect. Dollyhair hair seems softer, like G3 hair. It also curls and styles easily.

4. Color
Now, both of these samples are supposed to be an EXACT match for Heart Throb, SS Truly, G1 Birthflowers, etc, but are they? LOL, the two colors don't even match each other! ^_^ The Custompony hair looks darker than the Dollyhair sample, but close to the G1 pony. The Dollyhair color is a dead-on match for the G3 pony. Another thing to keep in mind is that G1 hair can darken or fade with time, so if you just need a little for a mane patch, it might be noticeable after re-rooting even if you use Custompony hair.

Other news:
Winnie the bald Windows Pony is finally getting some hair. ^_^ I'm going to ask her designer about the final color choices:

Above is the one with Lucky Clover green, which is close to the G1 rainbow pony green.

This second pic shows a stripe of Key Lime green, which is a little "brighter" or more "neon" in color and a little more yellow. Either color would work, but I think the second one matches her eyes/symbols closer.

I'm also working on posting more G1s for sale, but they need some cleaning/repairs. Stay tuned. ^_^

[User Picture]From: garney
2006-09-17 05:49 pm (UTC)
I love Dollyhair.com so very much, I have never been disappointed ordering from them ^-^
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[User Picture]From: firebyrd
2006-09-17 06:20 pm (UTC)
Some people have reported having trouble styling the Custompony hair after rerooting, but then, most people don't seem to know how to style kanekalon hair either, so it could be a matter of not knowing how to boil water. ;) I'm not pleased at all with the texture of the Custompony hair, but if it does soften with washing, maybe I'll still give it a try with the custom I was going to use it with.
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From: nattykank
2006-09-18 06:01 pm (UTC)


My eyes tingle with envy over your amazing colors. I've only ever used 'Dollyhair's' KatSilk and there's very little I dislike about it. Also, I must say that I asked for your advice a long, long time ago and finally completed my first pony a few months ago. She's obviously fairly plain, but it definitely gave me a feel for what it's like (and now I'm addicted and I owe it all to you!) I'm currently prepping an order of KatSilk skeins. Hopefully my array of colors will look as mouth-wateringly colorful as yours!
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-09-18 06:07 pm (UTC)


I completely lied to you, I use DollyHair.com's 'KatSilk', Oops.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-09-18 06:09 pm (UTC)

Re: *Cough*...

Oh geeze, I actually said that in the body of my post, think I need a nap! Just ignore my dizzyness....
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: nattykank
2006-09-18 06:16 pm (UTC)


Ok, RestoreDoll.com. I got it right this time. You'll have 87 messages by the time the day is out. I'm so embarassed!
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From: sillyblonde
2006-09-21 05:50 pm (UTC)
I adore all your pony skills. Addin ya! :)
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[User Picture]From: violetstarshine
2006-09-23 04:47 am (UTC)
Congrats on the article! ^_^
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-09-28 09:57 pm (UTC)

What are you going to do with Rarity?!

I`m sorry I`m asking you but are you going to customize Rarity for the mid Summer contest. Please don`t deleate this journal entry or whatever it is until you answer!!!
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[User Picture]From: aikarin
2006-10-01 08:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks for all of the comments. ^_^
The G3 Rarity is going to be the base pony for NEXT year's Midsummer Contest, Unicorn Utopia.
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