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spring pony [Mar. 25th, 2007|09:58 pm]
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[mood |busybusy]

Busy, as usual. However, it's been too long without a custom!!

Spring is arriving and I felt inspired to create this pony with a calla lily theme. Easter is also coming soon. ^_^

I'm planning to move in June, so I've been busy selling stuff on eBay and cleaning. I might also post more pony auctions...just depends on whether or not I have the time to take the pics & write the descriptions.

The Midsummer contest will probably be AFTER the move, since I need to make sure that a broadband connection is set up at the new place.

To answer some questions about the contest:
No, you can't submit an entry now...the contest isn't open yet!
You have an option to make your own drawing, however, it must be the same size (pixels across) as the outline and contain the contest title.

Also, McAfee's SiteAdvisor cleared my site's name. Whoohooo! *does happy dance*

[User Picture]From: lunagypsy
2007-03-26 10:08 pm (UTC)
Hello...I hope you don't mind, I friended your journal. One of my friends posted alink to your website, and I LOVE your custom ponies. My husband and I are artists and do similar work with dolls(Living Dead Dolls, Bleeding Edge Goths, My Scene, etc) as well as build some pieces from scratch. It is always great to see another artist doing such fantastic work. Your ponies send my heart a-flutter,as I was a child when MLP came out, and had a good collection, until my parents wrapped the whole thing up as I got older and threw them all out "accidentally." Sigh.
Anyway, thank you for posting your work.
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