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my chibi pony [Nov. 7th, 2008|12:19 am]
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[music |hellogoodbye - here in your arms]

Finally back from Japan. Boy, am I jetlagged!

On our last day in Tokyo, we went to a multi-level toy store. The first time I went here, it was packed with people and every inch of display space was covered with toys. I actually missed this tiny display of ponies. They look just like regular G3s. None of those weird anthropomorphic ponies. I didn't use a flash, so the pics are a bit blurry. You can click on the pics for larger versions.

The box to the left looks like an advent calendar. Great for X-mas! ^_^

Here is the link to the url in the sign:

The regular G3s were around 800 yen, roughly $8 USD. Well, the exchange rate is getting worse, so it might be a bit more than that. The G1 remakes were 4179 yen for a set of three, or about $42. I didn't buy any ponies, but I did get a Rilakkuma bear for my sister.

[User Picture]From: 42detsune
2008-11-16 10:16 pm (UTC)
I never even thought to look for MLP in Japan. I missed out!
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