aikarin's virtual farm news


Pronounced [eye-care-in] or [ahh-car-in] or something like that. It's my chosen on-line name since 1997, when I registered for Geocities and eBay. Too many "Karens" on the web & I needed something unique. My grandfather always calls me "Ahhh-Kaahlen", but that's a little awkward, so I changed it to something a easier to spell & to remember. Yes, that's where it all began.

The Beanies

During the Beanie Baby heyday, I spent most of my waking hours on-line buying/selling/trading beanies or hunting beanies or customizing beanies. It was a horrible addiction, but it helped put me through college. I'm a recovered Beanie-aholic. I sold my ENTIRE collection of about 300 beanies (including lots of rares) and only kept ONE. That's Magic the white dragon, if you're curious. I'm no longer a beanie collector.

The Ponies

While surfing eBay, I discovered the ponies. Hmmm...the ponies were a favorite when I was little. Wouldn't it be nice to have some ponies again? And they were so much cheaper than Beanies. I bought a few off eBay. When they arrived, I was shocked. "Why are they so small?" I pondered. Then, I realized that the ponies didn't get smaller, I just got bigger. Okay, that makes sense now!
I had over 500 ponies at one time & my collection goal was to have every single US pony, along with a slew of foreign ponies. Times change...I'm now only keeping the ones I like & some rares. I'm down to about 300 ponies, not counting the extras. Oh, I also make customs, BTW.

The Fiber

Also while surfing eBay, I found some drop spindle auctions. I'm a real do-it-yourselfer & I just wanted to see if I could spin yarn. Must have been a cat in my past life...I love yarn & would have piles & piles of yarn if I could! Then, I ended up buying a bunch of fibers, several spinning wheels, accessories, etc. and I started making my own custom drop spindles & custom dyed silk rovings. Now, I've downsized tremendously and I don't have a goat living in my house. Still, I love spinning & knitting. See a pattern here? ^_~

The LiveJournal

Thought I should give this a try, since it's an easy way for people to see what I'm up to & vice versa. So, don't be shy & add me to your friends list already!! ^_^